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My Lands Game
Golden Towns Game
Market Glory Game
Goal Tycoon Game
My Lands
Type: Strategy, RPG, MMO
Genre: Fantasy
Play: Free
Withdraw: Paid
Use: PayPal, Skrill
Golden Towns
Type: Sim, builder, MMO
Genre: Middle Ages
Play: Free
Withdraw: Free
Use: Bitcoin
Market Glory
Type: Tycoon, MMO
Genre: Modern
Play: Free
Withdraw: Free
Use: PayPal
Goal Tycoon
Type: Football Manager
Genre: Soccer
Play: Free
Withdraw: Free
Use: PayPal
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The most exciting long MMO games played in a browser without installation.

bordergame bordermoney
These four massive multiplayer online games are excellent MMO browser games to play every day. The most extraordinary about them, is that they offer the players to exchange their ingame resources for real money, legally!

They are free strategy and economic MMO games played in a browser, which run on desktop computers, laptops and mobile devices. They are played daily. When checking the news in the Internet, desk working.

How it works:
Like most modern games, these 4 games are "Freemium". This means, that they are free to play with options for upgrades, which are paid - just like most Facebook games. Upgrades include artifacts, boosts, bonuses, time saving and all kind of gadgets. Then, the game developers share a small part of their income from upgrades with all players. This mean, the best player gets the biggest prize.

How to proceed:
You may think for these games like they are Pets or Tamagotchi. They will need growing and care. They will probably bring joy and anger. It is a world of recreation and devotion, that can bring some long term reward.

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My Lands free online game
bordergame bordermoney
My Lands is a free strategy RPG game. The adventure begins with one city on a random domain in the
big map. The game is complicated and interesting. It may take from 15 min to 5 hour gameplay daily, depending on the player style. Minimum attention to mend the empire is once per 2 days.

My Lands City Screen
My Lands Map Screen
My Lands Research Screen
City Screen
Build various buildings.
Train army units.
Trade with other cities.
Map Screen
Explore for ruins with Gems.
Spy other cities.
Battle for resources.
Research Screen
Research technologies.
Apply specializations.
Advance in main quest.

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Goal Tycoon free online game
bordergame bordermoney
Goal Tycoon is an online football manager. It is a light remake of a standard CM (championship Manager) game, that is played in the internet browser. Every day one match is played. There are National Cup, Continental Cup and Championship Cup. Minimum attention is once per month. Optional, everyday at 11:00 to check trainings.

Goal Tycoon Tactic Screen
Goal Tycoon main screen
Goal Tycoon play matches screen
Tactic Screen
Set formations.
Set player positions.
Examine players skills.
Main Screen
Maintain the campus.
Inform for events.
Overall statistics.
Map Screen
Observe opponent stats.
Watch the match while it plays.
Cross fingers.

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Market Glory free online game
bordergame bordermoney
Market Glory is a country tycoon. It represent one virtual world, where the player is a good manager and can earn good money by working hard, fighting, trading and developing a prosperous company. Minimal attention to keep the money flow is once per week. Optional, every day a little.

Market Glory Work Screen
Market Glory  Battle Screen
Market Glory Auction screen
Work Screen
Work every day.
Read, drink, feed.
Produce company materials.
Battle Screen
Fight with players.
Fight on tournaments.
Fight massive country wars.
Auction Screen
Trade resources.
Trade players.
Trade shares.

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Golden Towns free online game
bordergame bordermoney
Golden Towns is a city building manager. It is similar to famous Facebook games for farming and housing. Every hour one action point is generated, to spend on buildings, production or repairs. It may take from 15 min to 5 hour gameplay daily. Optoimal attention to mend the city is once per 2 days.

Golden Towns city screen
Golden Towns Resources Screen
Golden Towns Map Screen
City Screen
Build various buildings.
Maintain order and needs.
Produce resources and gold.
Inventory Screen
Trade resources and gold.
Watch statistics.
Acquire dividends.
Map Screen
Conquer other countries.
Dominate cities.
Involve in politics.

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