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Interactive Math Counting.

3 fun mathematical tasksin a short online math educational game. "Crowd Count" is a small online game to count the objects on the screen using the given values of units from StarCraft game. Free online game to exercise addition and multiplication. Fun math game, suitable for online lessons and interactive classes. Math games for kids.

This math class include the following tasks:
  • Count 40 Terran units.
  • Count 52 Zerg units.
  • Count 47 Protoss units.
All StarCraft 2 images belong to Blizzard.

Interactive Math Counting

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How to play Crowd Count.

There are numbers Starcraft units scattered on the screen. Every type of unit have a specific value, situated on the top of the screen. You must use addition, multiplication and observation skills to finds the total number of the crowd. Solve all 3 tasks to win the game.

Knowledge Achievements:
Master fast counting and get +1 Knowledge Level.
Difficulty: Hard.

Interactive Math Counting

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Class subject: Counting.

Practicing counting is just like doing pushups, but it is training the brain. This fun math exercise include units from our favorite computer games:

First math picture has:
7 SCV with number 32 = 224
4 Lurkers with number 17 = 68
7 Dragoons with number 25 = 175
2 Tanks with number 9 = 18
7 Hidralisk with number 11 = 77
= 562

Second math picture has:
5 Wraiths with number 19 = 95
5 Mutalisks with number 42 = 210
7 Scouts with number 8 = 56
3 Science Ships with number 27 = 81
3 Queens with number 33 = 99
= 541

Third math picture has:
3 Ultralists with number 26 = 78
8 Goliaths with number 14 = 112
6 Archons with number 38 = 228
10 Drones with number 4 = 40
6 Vultures with number 21 = 126
= 584

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