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Simple Addition Quest Game Gems ╠ultiplication Ďable Basic Geometry panel Arithmetics Practice Math Fields Tree Game
Addition Quest
A fun math game
with easy arithmetic for 1-2 grade.
Gems Table
Gems Multiplication Table is a fun tile education game.
Basic Geometry
Study the basic geometric figures. Picture test.
Practice simple arithmetics skills and get medals.
Math Tree
What math include. 10 mathematical branches to know.
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Math Dinosaurs Game Math Cells Game Math Flowers Game Math Computers Game Math Flags Game
Math Dinosaurs
Type the correct value of the
dinosaurs sum.
Math Cells
Interactive algebraic systems with human biology cells.
Math Flowers
Find the missing number in the last
line of the equation.
Math Computers
Type the correct PC components sum of the last system line.
Math Flags
What is the sum of the flags in the last line of the equation.
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Online Math Games for Kids.

This category include all math games, test, puzzles and mosaics suitable for kids and pupils from 1st to 6th grade. They are small flash applications, up to 1 MB, available online and for download. Useful in class, at school, at home. Fun kids math learning. Interactive online math lessons. Fun Math Games for Kids Collection.

All kids games (23):

  • Math Tree Game - Sort the mathematics branches on the tree of knowledge.
  • Multiplication Table Puzzle - Sort the numbers by color on the multiplication table.
  • Basic Geometry - Identify the most basic geometric figures by name.
  • Arithmetics Exercise - Find the correct answer in the hexagonal patterns.
  • Addition Quest - Walk trough the fantasy lands using your ability to count.
  • Gems Multiplication Table - Collect colorful gems to fill the multiplication table numbers.
  • Virtual Dice - Online dice results. Here is one of many.
  • Math Test for 1 Grade - Sum of two numbers from 0 to 10.
  • Math Test 2 for 1 Grade - Difference of two single numbers. Subtraction from 0 to 10.
  • Math Test for 2 Grade - Sum of two double numbers. Addition from 0 to 100.
  • Math Test 2 for 2 Grade - Difference of two double numbers. Subtraction from 0 to 100.
  • Math Test for 1 Grade - Multiplier of two single numbers. Multiplication from 0 to 10.
  • Math Football - Solve equations with one unknown on the footbal field. Fun math quiz 2 grade.
  • Math Fruits - Find the missing number in the last line of the combinational fruits equations.
  • Math Flowers - Interactive algebraic systems with 9 lovely flowers.
  • Math Birds - Solve the combinational equations using math and logic skills.
  • Math Cells - Interactive math worksheet with biology cells to solve algebraic equations.
  • Math Dinosaurs - Find the missing number in the last line of the dinosaurs equations.
  • Math Flags - Solve the popular algebraic equations using math and logic skills.
  • Math Foods - What is the sum of the foods in the last line of the algebraic system equation?
  • Math Planets - Interactive math worksheet with the planets of the Solar System.
  • Math Sports - Fun math quiz with pictures of sport balls and sport equipment.
  • Math Computers - What is the sum of the PC components in the last line of the equation?
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Multiplication Table Puzzle
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Math for Kids

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