Planeta 42 Lost in Space
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Intelligence Test
We on Mars panel
Body Cell Types Pic
Unicellular Organisms pic Download Single Cells Play Online Screenshot
Logic Figures
Master a popular intelligence test proposition.
We on Mars
Launch 8 successful missions to Mars, with 10 rockets.
Body Cell Types
Explore 10 basic types of cells and their body location.
Ancient balkans milions of years ago, it was a sеа bottom.
Single Cell Live
A bunch of single
cell organisms are escaping the lab...
Solar Puzzle picture
Apples Pic Download Apples Gamepic Play Online Play Apples Screenshot
Animals Words picture
Cell Puzzle picture Download Cell Puzzle Gamepic Play Online Play Cell Puzzle Screenshot
Software Programs picture
Solar Puzzle
Drag and drop the
planets in the Solar System in their correct places. Included interesting information
for many planets.
Apples Varieties
Move the robot with the arrow keys and obtain 7 Apple Varieties to increase Knowledge Level. Small Botany arcade game.
Animals Words
Memorize the words for one animal in 8 languages. Then try to collect that animals pictures with some
color help.
Cell Puzzle
Drag and drop biology
cell organelles and complete one animal and one plant cell. It include simple info about organelles.
Master Software
Do you know what a computer can do? Try
this 15 question picture test to see software programs and their

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