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Online test over 8 grade Computer Technology curriculum.

"8 IT Curriculum Test" is a free online knowledge level test for finishing Information Technology 8 grade course.
The online test include 18 fun questions with integrated evaluation system from 8 grade IT curriculum: social networks, internet search, computer history, units of information, hardware, operating systems, mobile generations and more. It is part of the Interactive Computer Tools educational games. Computers learning tets, suitable for online classes and interactive lessons. Free online test.

This fun IT test include the following questions and answers:
  • 1. Which of the sites is a social network?
    - Google
    - Facebook
    - Wikipedia

  • 2. What does "-" symbol do in web search?
    - Search hashtags
    - Search for an exact match
    - Exclude words from search

  • 3. Which of the following is an educational website?
    - Facebook
    - Wikipedia
    - Google

  • 4. When were 8 bit computers popular?
    - 1940
    - 1980
    - 2000

  • 5. What is the right RAM memory size?
    - 8 Mhz
    - 8 GB
    - 8 FLOPS

  • 6. How many Kb is 2 Mb?
    - 2048
    - 2000
    - 2480

  • 7. Which is the Windows before Windows XP?
    - Windows 8
    - Windows X1
    - Windows 98

  • 8. Which is the most stable OS?
    - Linux
    - Mac
    - Windows

  • 9. What is true for G2 mobile generation?
    - Transmit only voice
    - Send SMS and MMS
    - Use internet

  • 10. Which of the following is a peripheral device?
    - Printer
    - RAM
    - Google Chrome

  • 11. Where do you install games?
    - C:
    - D:
    - D:\games\

  • 12. Which of the following is a software?
    - Printer
    - RAM
    - Google Chrome

  • 13. Which of the following is an archive program?
    - Google Chrome
    - Avira
    - Winzip
  • 14. Which of the files has the best compression?
    - Document.doc
    - Movie.avi
    - Picture.jpg

  • 15. Which of the files has the worst compression?
    - Text.txt
    - Picture.jpg
    - Document.doc

  • 16. What does LAN means?
    - Leocal Area News
    - Leading American Network
    - Local Area Network

  • 17. Which domain is used for educastional websites?
    - .biz
    - .edu
    - .org

  • 18. To have a website you need:
    - Domain and hosting
    - Only hosting
    - Domain and computer abilities
8 IT Curriculum Test Picture

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How to play 8 IT Curriculum Test.

Read carefully the question and select one of three answers at the bottom of the screen. The selected answer is the framed one. The school mark begins to count from bottom, so do not panic when you see a poor mark.

Knowledge Achievements:
Achieve basic IT 8 grade and get +1 Knowledge Level.
Difficulty: Medium.

8 IT Curriculum Test Screenshot

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Class Subject: IT 8 Grade Curriculum.

Although most countries have different curriculums, according to their educational system, some of the topics are naturaly learned till 8 grade everywhere. Here is how a typical Information Technology Curriculum for 8 grade looks like in European Union countries for 2018:

1 Safety instructions.
2 Entry level
3 Information technologies for social communication
4 Social Networks
5 Means and resources for shared work and learning
6 Information technologies for social communication and shared common work
7 Effective search for information
8 Computer networks and services
9 History of Computer Engineering
10 Stages in the development of computing
11 Modern computer systems
12 Technical characteristics of the main components of modern computer configurations.
13 Operating System
14 System and application software
15 Principles of Operation of Modern Mobile Devices
16 Mobile Application Applications
17 OS Peripherals
18 Computer Systems
19 Installing and uninstalling programs
20 Use of assistive systems and tutorials for application programs
21 Data archiving and compression
22 Working with archived data
23 Computer networks and services, computer systems, application programs
24 Control test
25 Web site
26 Basic stages in the development of a web site
27 Software for creating a website
28 Software for creating a website exercise
29 Creating a website
30 Publishing a website
31 Basic stages in designing and implementing a project
32 Working in a team. Documentation and project protection
33 Working in a team. Website Planning
34 Creating a team web site
35 Presentation and protection of the project
36 Checking IT knowledge and skills. Output level

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