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Solar System panel
Jupiter Moons panel
Saturn Moons panel
Meet Pluto panel
We on Mars panel
Solar Puzzle
Drag and drop the
planets in the Solar System in their correct places. Included interesting information
for many planets.
Jupiter Moons
Drag and drop the moons of Jupiter in correct order to complete a nice view of the gas giant. The info panel shows a number that will help.
Saturn Moons
Place the moons of Saturn in correct order and complete a nice
view of the gas giant.
The info panel shows a number that will help.
Meet Pluto
Drag and drop Pluto
and its moons in their outlines, while they
move in their strange orbits. Pluto have 5 satelite moons.
We on Mars
Launch 8 successful missions to Mars. You have 10 carrier rockets and 18 available spacecrafts. Which of them will reach Mars?
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Body Cell Types Pic
Cell Puzzle Online Game Download Cell Puzzle Gamepic Play Cell Puzzle Screenshot
Apples Pic Download Apples Gamepic Play Apples Screenshot
Unicellular Organisms pic Download Single Cells Play Online Screenshot
Bones Puzzle Online Game Download Bones Puzzle Gamepic Play Bones Puzzle Screenshot
Body Cell Types
Explore and learn
10 basic types of cells and their body location, by interacting
Cell Puzzle
Drag and drop biology
cell organelles and complete one animal and one plant cell. It include simple info about organelles.
Apples Varieties
Move the robot with the arrow keys and obtain 7 Apple Varieties to increase Knowledge Level. Small Botany arcade game.
Single Cell Live
Move the minirobot with the arrow keys and fire with space. Learn 3 unicellular organisms.
Bones Puzzle
Drag and drop the bones in the human body. Then fit the skull cranial
bones and facial bones correctly. Basic info included.
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p42 biology Biology Knowledge Boards p42 biology
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Peripheral Devices
Connect Peripheral
Connect Hardware
Software Programs
Software Programs
Master Computers
Do you know the computer parts? Try this 21 question test to evaluate your knowledge about various peripheral devices.
Expert Computers
What if You need to connect your peripheral devices. Can You do 21
of them on a medium class computer.
Online IT test.
Master Hardware
The difficult part is the computer anatomy. Try this test and plug medium class hardware devices to their right slots inside the tower case.
Master Software
Do you know what a computer can do? Try
this 15 question picture test to see software programs and their
True Gamer
Computer game types.
If you are to be game competent, you must know at least one computer game title in
all genres.
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p42 computers Information Technology Knowledge Boards p42 computers

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Periodic Puzzle
Metal Hunt
Daily Chemical Compounds
Nonmetal Elements
Unlock the vault of one ancient alchemist
to learn a secret. He is a specialist in nonmetal chemical elements.
Table of elements.
Metalloid Elements
Open the treasure of one expert in metalloids and poor metals alchemist
to learn 3 secrets. Roll the periodic table of elements.
Periodic Puzzle
Interactive online table of the chemical metals.
Metals Hunt
Fun educational arcade game with some metals.
Metals Hunt
Fun educational arcade game with some metals.
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Chemistry Knowledge Boards
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Civilization Advances Game Preview
Rousse Quest
Nature Puzzle
Rousse University
Civilization Advances
Explore the approximate era of discovery for
some of the most important Civilization Advances. Comlete technological progress.
Rousse Quest
This is a small quest game. You must visit some important locations
in Rousse City and
solve some mysteries there.
Paradise Stream
Tessellation nature puzzle. Paradies stream waterfall. On the road to Botev Peak in the Balkans.
Picture puzzle.
Rousse University
Handle one day as a student Engineering Design speciality at Rousse University. Interactive map. Role
Playing Game.
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History and Tourism Knowledge Lore Boards
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Isometric Hunt game panel
Isometric Hunt game panel
Statistics Practice
Random Walk game panel
Gems ultiplication able
Isometric Hunt
Gather 42 isometric geometric figures. Math arcade game.
Basic Geometry
Study the basic geometric figures. Picture test.
3 interesting and useful statistics formulas.
Random Walk
Outsmart the randomly moving green dot.
Gems Multiplication Table is a fun tile education game.
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Mathematics Knowledge Boards

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Europe Puzzle
South America Puzzle
North America Puzzle
Africa Puzzle
Europe Puzzle
Drag and drop the countries in Europe in their correct places on the map. Last map update 2014.
Geography game.
South America
Arrange South America countries
in correct places.
North America
Arrange North America countries
in correct places.
Africa Puzzle
Drag and drop the countries in Africa
in correct places.
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Geography Knowledge Boards
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Simple Car Parts
Car Parts Puzzle
Drag and drop the
automobile part in correct places.
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Physics Knowledge Boards
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Maslow Pyramid
Maslow Pyramid
Do You know what is needed to achieve the ultimate happiness and satisfaction? Try this small pyramid puzzle to find out
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Psychology Interactive Knowledge Boards
vree rree
Intelligence Test
Logic Figures
Master a popular intelligence test proposition, by placing the right figure.
gree dree
Logic Knowledge Boards
vames bames
Guitar Explorer 1
Guitar Explorer 1
Memorize 5 guitar chords. Then try to recreate one famous
song using this fun interactive game.
Music art game.
fames hames
Arts and Hobbies Interactive Knowledge Boards
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Finances game pic
Finances for Kids
Test your financial discipline in 4 aspects, Savings, Investing, Spending and Debt in a board-tile squares
style game.
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Economics Knowledge Boards
tames rames
5 animals 8 languages
Animals Words
Memorize the words for one animal in 8 languages. Then try to collect that animals pictures with some
color help.
names yames
Foreign Languages Interactive Knowledge Boards
vree rree
Ancient balkans milions of years ago, it was a bottom of an ocean. Have some fun with 4 fossils Amonoid, Gastropa, Corals and Clams
gree dree
Archeology and Tresures Interactive Knowledge Boards
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Hide and Seek
Hide and Seek
Catch all hiders in 3 game rounds. Move with arrows keys, stop with space. Watch the time and do not let them reach the check point.
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Sports and Yard Interactive Lore Boards

Interactive Knowledge Boards. Short educational applications with interactive content, like games, puzzles and tests.

Planeta 42 Interactive Knowledge Boards are short educational applications for desktop computers and laptops, which may be used for exciting and fun education, learning, examination, exercises, lessons and school classes. They may be used either for recreation and fun, or as learning tool, for any explorational matter. They are free to play and reward new Knowledge Level when completed. No registration required, everything is easy, quick on spot.

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