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How I Celebrate Women's Day!

"Happy Women's Day" is an online thematic game to celebrate the International Women's Day Holiday.
It is an exciting online greeting card made as flash game. Suitable for desktop computers and laptops.

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How to play Women's Day

In order to collect the 10 flowers, the player move in a board like game in 8 shape. First thing to do is to throw a
dice and click "OK". This will move from 1-6 squares over the board. The special location squares contain the 10 flowers that must be found in order to win the Women's Day game. The "Joker" button on the right down panel is very useful. It is used to move only one square ahead, whenever it is needed. When the special square is hit, we
get the hidden flower, collected on the right, and one present, collected on the left. Openning a present will regenerate the used "Joker", so with clever calculation the game can be won faster. Besides, opening the
presents, inside there are objects. Using the objects(clicking on it) will increase some of the game traits shown down left. And the player's best trait will be revealed when the board is finished and all flowers gathered. Collect 10 flowers in a dice board game and win +1 Lore Level on website to unlock new ranks and titles for the explorational achievements. Here is a gameplay movie on YouTube.

Happy Women's Day Screenshot

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Application Content:

Included in the holiday game Women Day Flowers:

Orchid flower jpg
Daisy flower 2 jpg
Violet flower 3 jpg
Rose flower 4 jpg
Snowdrop flower 5 jpg

Violet 2
White Rose Bush
Rose Bush
Sunflower flower 6 jpg
Violet flower 7 jpg
White Rose Bush flower 8 jpg
Crocus flower 9 jpg
Rose Bush flower 10 jpg

For more flowers check the Nature Puzzles collection.
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