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How I Celebrate Happy Baba Marta!

"Happy Baba Marta" is an online thematic game to celebrate the Grandma March Day for the end of the cold
winter and the beginning of the spring. Suitable for desktop computers and laptops. It is a marvelous online
greeting card made as flash game.

Happy Baba Marta Picture

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How to play Baba Marta

There are 12 pictures of red-white adornments, called martenitzas. Drag and drop them on the March Girl, to wear the items for the holiday. Dress up kaka Marta for the holiday and win +1 Lore Level on website to unlock new ranks and titles for the explorational achievements. Here is a gameplay movie on YouTube.

Happy Baba Marta Screenshot

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Application Content:

Included in the greeting card martenitza:

Badge martenitza png
Earings martenitza 2 png
Necklace martenitza 3 png
Ring martenitza 4 png
Skirt martenitza 5 png

Bracelet martenitza 6 png
Belt martenitza 7 png
Medalion martenitza 8 png
Wreath martenitza 9 png
Boots martenitza 10 png

Backgrounds from Nik's gallery. Girl picture thanks to Ryan Reos. Martenitzas from internet.
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