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Color Hex Puzzle Color Mixer Statue Restorer Books by Author 2019 The Birth of Venus Puzzle
Colour Hex
Drag and drop the color in the correct hex code.
Colour Mixer
Mix the colors to see what new color you get.
Statues Restorer
Sort the pieces of
7 different
Popular Books
Sort the popular books their by
correct writer.
Birth of Venus
Complete a famous Sandro Botticelli painting.
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The Arts Tree The Tallest Buildings Guitar Explorer July Morning Chords Writing Genre Types
The Arts Tree
Drag and drop the arts in the tree of knowledge.
Tallest Buildings
Interactive comparison of the highest buildings.
Guitar Explorer 1
Memorize 5 guitar chords. Then try to recreate a song.
July Morning
Visual arrangement of July Morning
guitar chords.
Genre Types
Bind the book with the correct writing genre.
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Online Art Games for Students Collection.

This collection include all art educational games for 9 grade and above, suitable for students and adults. Interactive Arts Learning for Students. Fun Art Games for Students Collection.

All art games for students (12):

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Color Hex Puzzle
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Art Games for Students

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