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Statue Restorer
Amphora Maze
Color Mixer
Color Hex Puzzle
Mona Lisa Puzzle
Color Quiz
Wind Instruments Puzzle
The 7 Arts Puzzle
The Tallest Buildings
Art Types Tree
Terracotta Maze
Books by Author 2019
Book Genre Types
Draw Dolphin
Draw Cat
String Instruments Puzzle
Percussion Instruments Puzzle
Keyboard Instruments Puzzle
Arts Test 6 Grade
Guitar Explorer
July Morning Chords
The Eight Art Quiz
Starry Night Puzzle
Night Watch Puzzle
Birth of Venus Puzzle
The Last Supper Puzzle
Arts by Author
History of Bridges
Ancient Empires
Taj Mahal Puzzle
Great Pyramid Puzzle
Stonehenge Puzzle
Machu Picchu Puzzle
China Wall Puzzle
Pyramid Types Puzzle
Ancient Pyramids Puzzle

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Free online games about arts.

Art games to explore and study creativity mobile preview. More than 25 educational games to learn the secrets of the arts, related to different arts and culture subjects, that may be used for fun, interactive education and examination. The art knowledge games are small online games, up to 1 MB, which include puzzles, mosaics, tile games, labyrinths, tests and quizzes for learning history of all the seven traditional arts, as well as basic knowledge about different creativity directions. A range of art objects knowledge, like paintings, musics, sculptures, architectures, books and performings, are made in a fun interactive way. The arts learning games are suitable tools for education, examination, references and recreation. Free online arts classroom for kids and students. Fun arts educational games suitable for online lessons and interactive classes.

All art games (36):

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P42 Interactive Art Lessons.

P42 Interactive Art Lessons

The "Interactive Art Lessons" is a free educational website that can be used for examination, new knowledge, reference and entertainment in art and history of art classes. Each lesson is a small game and all games can be played online in a web browser for free and without registration. They work on mid-range computers, tablets and laptops, with installed flash player. Like all Planeta 42 games, when completed, the art games reward +1 Knowledge Level for every won game. The collectible arts (download versions) goes with a built-in player, but the levels are not stored on the site. Let's learn about creativity and arts through interaction. Free online games, tests and puzzles for general arts online.

The art games are separated in 15 category collections according to the game type, the knowledge type and the grade level:
  • Art Puzzles - This collection includes fun art games to drag and drop pictures about paintings, musics, sculptures, architectures, books and other arts.
  • Art Quizzes - This collection includes small online applications with knowledge about different aspects of the seven arts.
  • Arts Classroom Games - This collection includes art learning games suitable for interactive lesson and classroom exercises about arts and creativity.
  • Architecture Art Games - This collection includes small fun games to identify, complete or compare memorable architectures, that are examples of great art.
  • Art Maze Games - This collection includes easy labyrinths to move with the mouse and reach some extraordinary piece of art.
  • Painting Puzzles - This collection includes exciting 5x8 pieces puzzles with paintings and drawings by great artists to know about.
  • Songs Games - This collection includes interactive guitar chords for popular songs.
  • Music Games - This collection includes arts learning games to study the types of musical instruments like wind, keyboards, string and beat instruments.
  • Book Games - This collection includes fun online art games to sort popular and not so popular book titles by their authors and genres.
  • Sculpture Games - This collection includes small learning games to sort popular and not so popular sculptures and monuments by their authors and locations.
  • Color Games - This collection includes all art educational games about the drawing, colors, color mixing, color filling and colour names.
  • Dot Connection Games - This collection includes fun games for kids to connect dots and reveal an art figure, instrument or drawing.
  • Arts Tests - This collection includes free online tests with integrated valuation system, suitable for fun examination in art and music classes.
  • Arts Games for Kids - This collection include all art educational games suitable for kids and pupils in 4-8 grade. Interactive Arts Learning for Kids.
  • Arts Games for Students - This collection include all art educational games for 9 grade and above, suitable for students and adults. Interactive Arts Learning for Students.
The Interactive Art Lessons include:
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  • Here is the blog with the An Exceptional Collection of Arts and Hobby Games.
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